Miss Teen Nebraska USA – Aubrie


Aubrie graduated from North Platte High School in May of 2023. This Fall she’ll be attending the University of Nebraska at Kearney to study Pre-Pharmacy and earn a Degree in Bio-Chemistry. Throughout high school, Aubrie was a member of the North Platte Varsity Cheer Team, Med Club and National Honors Society.

After watching her grandmother fight cancer for many years, she came up with a plan to help others. She established a platform called, “A Little Birdy Loves You,- Care and Comfort for those diagnosed with cancer.” Aubrie creates tote bags that are filled with many items such as socks, lightweight blankets, corn bags, hard candies, lotion, crosswords, gently used books etc. Her grandmother used to take a bag with her that contained many of these items while receiving her own treatments, so she knows how helpful these items can be for patients.

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