Meet the Contentants

Kensey Collins
Miss Teen
Alabama USA

Kensey Collins, Miss Alabama Teen USA, is a 10th grader at Spanish Fort High School. She loves art and up-cycling clothes and her hope is to one day run her own design business. This year, Kensey has taken on the challenge of making her state costume for the Teen USA stage. 

She’s involved in the Best Buddies program, along with Kendra Cares, and is currently working with a former teacher to develop a program at her local elementary school. Kensey’s hope is to inspire children to try new things, dream big, and to follow their own unique journey with God. As Coco Chanel says, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”. 


Star Hunter
Miss Teen Alaska USA

Star Hunter is sixteen years old and a Varsity football and basketball Cheerleader at her high school, which is the most diverse school in America. She advocates  and contributes to children and their families who struggle with food insecurity all around Alaska. Star has been advocating with her platform since she was seven years old. From Food pantries, to serving children food at their schools; Star has always had a heart for helping and giving back to others. When Star graduates from High School, she wants to major in Journalism and Communications to pursue her dream career as an International Newscaster. Star enjoys modeling and acting as well as pageants. Star wants to inspire all girls around her to know that no matter where they came from or their outside appearance that they can always achieve their dreams as long as they are determined. 


Peyton Stuewe
Miss Teen Arizona

Peyton is currently a freshmen at Grand Canyon University with a major in nursing. Her goal is to one day become a pediatric nurse and work at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She is passionate about Taylor Swift, Gilmore Girls, and anything involving the beach. She was a dancer for 15 years which explains why she loves to dance in the car to old music. Peyton also enjoys getting outdoors and going on fun hikes all around Arizona. She also loves to take pictures of beautiful Arizona sunsets and her cat Paprika.


Mackenzie Scott
Miss Teen Arkansas USA

Mackenzie Scott is a sophomore at John Brown University where she is double majoring in Marketing and Management with a minor in Business. She’s also earned the title “professional zipper-upper” as she works full time as the Buyer and Manager of a Bridal and formalwear business. Mackenzie hopes to one day own her own bridal boutique and continue her love of helping brides find or design the perfect gown for their special day. Born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, Mackenzie is a huge Razorbacks fan and is excited to serve her state this year. Mackenzie’s many years as a cheerleader have helped prepare her to cheer on others as Miss Arkansas Teen USA. She’s an advocate for the American Heart Association and also focuses on mental health awareness by spreading the message that “it’s always okay to ask for help.”


Taliya Peiris
Miss Teen California

A proud Sri Lankan-American, Taliya is a college freshman at Santa Clara University majoring in Management Information Systems. She aspires to combine her passion for business, technology, and entertainment to become a business executive at a record label. As a dancer, piano player, and amateur DJ, Taliya has always expressed herself through performing. She started her nonprofit, III Creatives (Inspiring Imagination and Inclusivity) to bring to light the necessity of creative thinking and arts education.

She hosts her own Instagram Live series, “Creative Convos”, where she interviews leaders in the STEAM fields and highlights students who incorporate the creative arts into their careers and life ambitions. In her free time, Taliya enjoys trying new cuisines, collecting her favorite albums on vinyl, and traveling the world. She has been to sixteen states and twelve countries so far! As a San Francisco Bay Area native, she’s proud to represent California!


Grace Covney
Miss Teen Colorado USA

Grace Covney is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder studying sports media and marketing. Her next goal is to become a marketing and visual effects coordinator for a professional Colorado Sports Team!

Not only is she a marketing and promotions intern with the Denver Broncos, but she is also the director of philanthropy for Alpha Phi at CU Boulder. She advocates for adults with developmental disabilities by working closely with Treeline Pass, an organization that guides adults with disabilities to learn, grow and thrive! She also loves representing Colorado as Miss CO Teen USA 2023!


Jade Ferdinand
Miss Teen Connecticut

Jade Ferdinand is a student at the University of Connecticut where she majors in psychology. Her long-term career goal is to become a psychologist as well as a motivational speaker focused on advocating for mental health awareness to help end the mental health stigma. Empowerment is also an important message for Jade. By using her personal experience of overcoming social anxiety and low self-esteem, Jade is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of teens. She accomplishes this through social advocacy on her Glow Empowerment page and volunteering with organizations like Best Buddies and Make-A-Wish.

As a former high school track and field athlete who won state and national recognition, Jade enjoys staying active outdoors by running and biking. She is an avid animal lover and spends much of her time helping to care for dogs as well as her own pet hamster Squash and cat Milo.

Molly Lavelle
Miss Teen Delaware USA

Molly is a rising senior at the Wilmington Friends School where she is currently the Sports Section Editor for her school’s newspaper and an International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate. New to the world of pageantry, Molly naturally has a tomboy side with her love of sports and hopes to one day be a sideline reporter for the NFL. She started competitive dancing at an early age and just retired after 13 years. Molly now works as a Versaclimber fitness instructor at HiLo House in Wilmington teaching fitness classes to all ages.

Most importantly, Molly’s number one passion is being a role model to her younger sister Emma who was born with a birth condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, also known as AMC. As Miss DE Teen USA, Molly has continued to advocate for those with physical limitations and serve as an example for girls to be the healthiest versions of themselves.

Asia Chisley
Miss Teen District of Columbia

Asia Chisley is a classically trained cellist and talented figure skater. She has modeled since she was 9 and served as a fashion stylist, even designing some of her own fashions. Asia was inspired by her cousin to start her own eyelash extension business at age 15 and is proud to be a certified lash technician who is currently developing her own brand of eyelash extensions.

Asia loves to support her community and feels her generation struggles immensely with body image. In her role as Miss District of Columbia Teen USA, Asia wants to use her styling expertise and social media to uplift young women and inspire them to put their best selves forward.

Asia is a rising senior and honor roll student attending Saint Charles High School. She aspires to obtain a degree in forensic science and criminal justice and become a behavioral analyst for the FBI.

Sharlysse Nelson
Miss Teen Florida USA

Miss Florida Teen USA, Sharlysse Nelson, created Change for Charity Initiative with a mission to reduce the effect of Child Hunger. At the early age of 9, she prioritized serving the less fortunate by actively volunteering with Food for Thought Outreach and Feeding America. As an advocate for child hunger and women’s safety, she hopes to nationally continue and broaden her reach to be a force for change through volunteerism and situational awareness.

Committed to Education with a goal to graduate Summa Cum Laude while enrolled in Harvard’s Online School, she aspires to study Political Science and Business Law. She likes to get people excited about the interests she’s excited about like Sudoku and her knowledge of World Capitals. Recognized for her work ethic, she was appointed as the Yearbook Editor-In-Chief for three consecutive years. Sharlysse believes to always Strive for progress NOT perfection because the focus is different.

Denim Lovett
Miss Teen Georgia

Denim Lovett, a Georgia native residing in Bonaire, a junior at the University of North Georgia, majoring in communications. She has taken on multiple leadership roles, including organizing for the Special Olympics, basketball, and being a community liaison for the National Science Honors Society, FCCLA, FFA and presidential award for community service. As the CEO and founder of Involvement Counts, Denim is passionate about lowering the high school dropout rate.

Having spoken to over 7,000 students, Denim believes in the importance of involvement in education, striving to eradicate 1.9 million high school dropouts nationwide. As Miss Georgia Teen USA, she embraces the opportunity to shed light on this cause and continue her mission.

With unwavering determination as a servant leader, Denim firmly believes in the power of hard work and dedication. Motivated and humbled, she aims to make a lasting impact, proudly representing Georgia at Miss Teen USA.

Noelani DeNisi
Miss Teen Hawaii USA

Noelani DeNisi is a 2022 graduate of Maui High School and currently working in tech with Klarinet Solutions. She is a 19-year-old aspiring fashion designer and entrepreneur integrating the use of computer science and programming. She hopes to inspire and reach people from all different walks of life, empowering them to truly value themselves. Noelani advocates for Eating Disorder Awareness and Body Acceptance, as that is a huge lesson of her lifetime, but she strives to continue her outreach and aid everyone in that similar position. As a Native Hawaiian Woman, she is actively involved with her community and people. She has earned honors and awards including the NASA Patch of completion (Honorary Women of STEM), CIEE Academic Merit Scholarship, and has completed League of Amazing Programmers – programming for Youth through Stanford. She believes that self-love is an endless journey and hopes to influence others with her perseverance and dedication.

Angelina Ryan
Miss Teen Idaho

Angelina Ryan is an aquatic supervisor at the most innovative waterpark in the United States. Carrying nine medical certifications at the age of eighteen, she has served as an emergency responder for over three years. Angelina works with the American Red Cross, where she promotes water safety to children and their families throughout the state. During her reign, she has been able to share the importance of drowning prevention, hoping to lower the country’s leading cause of death in children.

She is a college student majoring in Pre-Medicine, working towards a career as a Neonatologist. In a state containing the lowest percentage of female doctors, Angelina hopes to encourage more women to follow her path and choose medicine. She hopes to not only make history as a first generation college graduate, but to also bring the Miss Teen USA title to Idaho in over thirty years!

Vivica Lewandowski
Miss Teen Illinois USA

Vivica Lewandowski’s journey to Miss Illinois Teen USA began many years ago. Playing with her mom’s Miss Illinois USA crown as a child created a desire within her to compete one day. Vivica is a founder of the nationally known charity, Chicago Charity Clays, which has raised over $2 million for veterans’ PTSD research, family therapy, and marriage counseling. This has turned her into a big advocate for mental health awareness and she enjoys sharing about her philanthropic efforts online, hoping to inspire others to get involved. Vivica is a driven person, and has been learning to speak, write, and read in Mandarin Chinese for eight years. She has great respect for Chinese people and culture. This Fall, she’ll be a first-generation University student. Vivica was also a professional ballerina in Chicago throughout middle/high school, and a Presidential Scholar award recipient.

Kinley Shoemaker
Miss Teen Indiana

Miss Indiana Teen USA 2023 Kinley Shoemaker is a freshman at Butler University, studying Sports Media and Journalism with hopes of becoming an accomplished sideline reporter while working as game day staff for the Indianapolis Indians.

Whether reporting live from the sidelines, singing, acting, playing her guitar, rapping, or public speaking, Kinley is likely on a stage with a mic in her hand!

She will continue to advance diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives using her leadership skills as a Dr. Morton-Finney scholar. As a partner on the Unified Flag Football team, Kinley had four career touchdowns and developed a passion for bringing awareness to Unified Sports and the Special Olympics.

Through her personal experience, Kinley continues her work with teenage victim advocacy, specifically those of criminal cases, and encourages all young people that no matter what, they are forever capable of accomplishing their dreams.

Madeline Erickson
Miss Teen Iowa USA

Madeline was born and raised in Iowa and has a passion for helping others feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Madeline was a dancer for 13 years and an NDA All-Star National Champion. She is altruistic and enjoys staying active in her community. Madeline raised funds for Royal Promise Non-Profit before heading to Ghana for 2 weeks where she spent time learning and teaching the students at Royal Promise School.

Madeline was a sports intern at KCCI in High School which helped her gain confidence in using her voice and breaking barriers in predominantly male industries. She is currently a college student majoring in Broadcast Journalism and also a sports reporter for her university’s T.V. station. Her biggest dream is becoming an NFL Sideline Reporter.

Madeline is humbled to represent Iowa and plans to use her title to make a great impact over the next year.

Riley Steinman
Miss Teen Kansas

Riley graduated from Eudora High School with honors while being the captain of her cheer squad, soccer player, and National Honor Society member. Currently, Riley is a hair stylist at one of the top salons in Kansas City specializing in textured hair. She began attending cosmetology school her Junior year in order to accelerate the process to her dream career. Eventually she will open her own salon, travel the world to train stylists how to work with textured hair, and help women learn to love their beauty. Riley is very passionate about encouraging others to feel confident in their own skin. With the annual event Curl Power, she brings moms and young girls into her salon and shows them how to properly style and take care of their natural hair. Her skills and passion to impact young women, help girls learn to love and be proud of their curls.

Meshyia Bradshaw
Miss Teen Kentucky USA

Meshyia was raised by her mother, and found out at a young age that her father was living in incarceration. This led her to feel unworthy of success and as a pre-teen already dealing with bullying for her looks and natural hair, she struggled with her mental health. However, she found help through therapy and discovered her love of poetry, gardening and painting!

Meshyia LOVES poetry and even had her first poem published at age 8! Along with sharing her story and encouraging teens not to be defined by their circumstances, she is an advocate for Scoliosis Awareness.

Although Meshyia was diagnosed with severe scoliosis in junior high, that never stopped her from her favorite activities – competitive cheer, dance, skateboarding and even wrestling in highschool!

Now, she is a resilient 17 year old senior with the dream of earning her degree in Broadcast Journalism, a BFA in Creative Writing and becoming a TV Personality!

Averi Blyss
Miss Teen Louisiana

Averi Blyss Crawford is 17 years old and a senior at The Dunham School in Baton Rouge. She is Senior Class Secretary, a member of the varsity cheerleading squad, and in the Art Club, Beta Club, Cultural Correspondence Club, and National Honors Society. Her talents and hobbies include knitting, fishing, Pilates, traveling, shopping, and upcycling fashion. She plans to attend LSU majoring in construction management before going to law school.

Averi founded her own non-profit organization called Hair Care for Hope which collects hair supplies and tools to donate to domestic violence clinics and shelters around Louisiana. By providing these items, Hair Care for Hope provides overlooked items they cannot always afford to replace while also aiding in regaining their confidence.

Averi hopes to expand her non-profit work and advocate for other causes that matter to her, especially instilling confidence in pre-teen and young girls through social media and community projects.

Jasmine Roy
Miss Teen Maine USA

Jasmine Roy is a 17 year old Senior at Bangor High School where she plays varsity lacrosse and is president of the highschool’s Best Buddies chapter. She attends United Technologies Center for Business and will graduate highschool with her Associate’s degree in Business. She plans to earn her Master’s and hopes to one day take over her parent’s accounting/wealth management firm. Jasmine is the 2023 SkillsUSA Maine Job Interview Gold Medalist and placed 6th at the National Competition. Outside of school, she is a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo and enjoys singing and organizing. She has two pets: a Boston Terrier named Lucy and a Russian Tortoise named Franklin. Jasmine hopes to inspire others to help out in their communities and work to combat climate change. She wants to encourage young boys and girls to learn to love themselves, because everyone is perfect just the way they are.

Madelyn Posey
Miss Teen Maryland

Madelyn Posey, Miss Maryland Teen USA was born and raised in Maryland. She also has familial ties to the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, where she is a band member. Her maternal great-grandmother was born on the reservation, so Madelyn is heavily involved with the culture and tradition. She is honored to be the first Mohawk Native American teen to represent her state at Miss Teen USA.

Growing up with an undiagnosed learning difference created many obstacles in Madelyn’s life. Her inability to comprehend and communicate in the same way as her peers led to intense criticism and self-doubt. Once Madelyn was properly diagnosed and able to utilize all the resources available, she realized she was not inadequate, but simply unique. Throughout this year, Madelyn’s mission is to instill the confidence, courage, and ensure self-worth in teens around the state of Maryland and the beyond.

Yanelyn Quintana
Miss Teen Massachusetts USA

Yanelyn Quintana is a 17-year-old Senior attending  Haverhill High School.  She is the oldest of 3 girls. She enjoys several extracurricular activities, which are, participating in the Spoken Word Club and all things Criminal Justice! She aspires to attend New York University, or John Hopkins University, School of Medicine, to one day become a Surgeon. Yanelyn is passionate about baking Puerto Rican pastries with her sisters, creating memories with her family, while embracing the beauty of her Puerto Rican culture and the delicious food! An organization dear to her heart is her platform Action-Oriented Alcohol where she works with an organization called TMF (The Movement Family). She plans on using her platform to help those suffering from addiction feel valued and assist with the recovery process of addiction.

Avery Hill
Miss Teen Michigan

Hello my name is Avery Hill and I am your Miss Michigan Teen USA. I am a senior at North Farmington High School and I am planning to major in Neuroscience. I hope to one day transfer out of state and go to a Historically Black College/ University. My dream job is to do Genetic Research, while also pursuing a career in fashion. In my spare time I love to crochet and cheer. I heavily look up to Cheslie Kyrst as she was a big influence for me to get into pageants. I am involved with the Tourettes Association to help spread awareness for Tourettes Syndrome. A couple of facts about me is that I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome when I was 14, and I am adopted and the oldest of 6 girls. I also love Musical Theater and I have been in various plays and musicals.

Mikhala Rivers
Miss Teen Minnesota USA

Mikhala is a four-sport athlete who has participated in cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, and track. She is also a performer in her school’s musical theater productions. She is a four-year Spanish and second year Mandarin student, who recently completed a two-month study abroad in Valencia, Spain. She is on the high honor roll and is a member of the National Society of High School Scholars.

Mikhala joined her first robotics team in 8th grade and later helped formed team B.O.B., which stands for Black, Outstanding, & Beautiful. This became the first all-girls, minority team in MN. She participates in robotics and volunteers with MN STEM Partnership. Mikhala participates on her school’s Technovation team and has received a Rising Star and State Honorable Mention award from Aspirations in Computing.

Mikhala enjoys spending her free time drawing, painting, coding, & taking care of her many pets.

Claire Ulmer
Miss Teen Mississippi

At 14, Claire was 5’10, 75 pounds, experiencing life threatening symptoms of undiagnosed Celiac disease. She was severely bullied and covered her mirrors with blankets just so she didn’t have to look at herself as she withered away. After collapsing during a cross country race, Claire was finally diagnosed and able to regain control of her health and life. Now she uses her story to inspire others not to be defined by their adversity, and her platform “Smiles4Celiac” to educate about Celiac and how teens can advocate for their health. Claire grew up on the Mississippi River enjoying hunting, fishing and the outdoors! She am now a freshman at the University of Mississippi studying Sports Broadcasting. The girl who wouldn’t look in the mirror is now confidently asking for the title of Miss Teen USA, happy, healthy and alive proving that we can all turn our pain into purpose.

Madison Beck
Miss Teen Missouri USA

Madison Beck, Miss Missouri Teen USA 2023 is a graduate from Seckman High School, where she served as the Student Council President and a member of DECA, National Honor Society and the Seckman Dance Team.

She’s continuing her education at Jefferson College to pursue a degree in Business Administration. She plans to use this degree to work for various corporations and have the opportunity to travel the world. Eventually, she hopes to use her business skills and experience to open up her own Med Spa.

Her passion for helping others led her to creating a platform called The M.A.D.I.S.O.N. Project: Teaching kindness, character, and purpose.  She’s committed to helping others feel comfortable in their own skin, so they can reach their full potential. Her efforts caught the attention of the city council leading to July 20th being named Madison Beck day in Jefferson County.

Ava Williams
Miss Teen Montana

Ava Williams is currently a freshman at Montana State University where she is studying biology with a pre-med emphasis. Combining her adventurous spirit and drive to help others, Ava’s dream is to attend medical school and become a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force. Ava is the founder of Bags-of-Books, a nonprofit created in 2020 that is dedicated to encouraging the love of reading in low-income preschoolers. Ava has donated thousands of books to students across the state of Montana. In her free time, Ava is pursuing her private pilot license, which further speaks to her daring nature. This May, Ava graduated from high school with a 4.3 GPA. In high school, Ava was Key Club President, National Honor Society President, varsity cheerleading captain, varsity tennis player, and principal violist. Ava actively promotes a service-above-self mindset as Miss Montana Teen USA.

Aubrie Charter
Miss Teen Nebraska USA

Aubrie graduated from North Platte High School in May of 2023. This Fall she’ll be attending the University of Nebraska at Kearney to study Pre-Pharmacy and earn a Degree in Bio-Chemistry. Throughout high school, Aubrie was a member of the North Platte Varsity Cheer Team, Med Club and National Honors Society.

After watching her grandmother fight cancer for many years, she came up with a plan to help others. She established a platform called, “A Little Birdy Loves You,- Care and Comfort for those diagnosed with cancer.” Aubrie creates tote bags that are filled with many items such as socks, lightweight blankets, corn bags, hard candies, lotion, crosswords, gently used books etc. Her grandmother used to take a bag with her that contained many of these items while receiving her own treatments, so she knows how helpful these items can be for patients.

Emily Cox
Miss Teen Nevada

Emily Cox is an 18-year-old native of Southern Nevada, born and raised in Las Vegas. She is now a freshman at Washington State University, majoring in Apparel Design and Merchandising.
She hopes to one day be a successful fashion designer. Growing up, Emily has been very involved in Girl Scouts. She has completed all three high awards: the Bronze, Silver and Gold, which represent the development of sustainable projects in the community. Through working on her Gold award, Emily also developed her platform entitled, “Informing the Future.” This initiative informs the younger generation on how they can make smart environmental choices.
For the last four years, Emily has worked as a character performer for birthday parties and special events. She has portrayed everything from the Grinch to Cinderella. Although she has appeared as many different characters and princesses, her favorite role is now being your current Miss Nevada Teen USA!

Marayssa Raimondo
Miss Teen New Hampshire USA

Marayssa is an enthusiastic 18-year-old from the Granite State who loves to dream, explore, and learn. When she’s not wearing her sash and crown, you can find her in scrubs working diligently as an LNA or in boots arduously helping her father with his property management business. She’s a freshman attending Rivier University with aspirations of pursuing a rewarding career in Nursing. From there she hopes to attend medical school to become a trauma surgeon! In Marayssa’s spare time, she enjoys dancing, working out, becoming in tune with nature, and passionately volunteering in her community. Her New England home is cozy, beautiful, and full of wonderful people/places. Plus, New Hampshire being such a tightknit state, she’s been able to network and work with organizations like Missy’s Closet, ChildVoice, and Girls in Action. Between that, Ice Castles in the winter, and Canobie in the summer, New Hampshire has opportunity for everyone!

UmaSofia Srivastava
Miss Teen New Jersey

UmaSofia Srivastava is the first Mexican-Indian Miss New Jersey Teen USA and hopes to become a UN ambassador. She works with the Lotus Petal Foundation to help underprivileged children in India receive a well rounded education, proper nutrition and healthcare. UmaSofia also collected over 1000 books for the Bridge of Books Foundation to donate to inner-city kids in New Jersey.

She authored and illustrated her book, The White Jaguar, to inspire people of all ages to embrace what makes them unique. Throughout the book there are four languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, and French – all of which she speaks.

UmaSofia is a pianist and runs her own blog, That’s Fan Behavior, where she writes about her experience as a woman of color and current events. UmaSofia is the co-founder of the Diversity & Inclusion campaign at her school, a Kind Campaign leader, and also participates in Mock Trial and Model UN.

Asia Rose
Miss Teen New Mexico USA

Asia Rose Simpson, a junior homeschool student with a 4.0 GPA, was born in Hobbs, New Mexico, and is a dual citizen of the United States and the Philippines. Her Filipino culture sparked her love for pageantry.

Asia loves everything creative – dancing, singing, gymnastics, crocheting, sewing and baking. She co-wrote and illustrated 5 children’s books; her first book placed 2nd at National Fine Arts! Asia has been on international television, dancing with her siblings on Pilipinas Got Talent, which was seen by millions worldwide. Her SCubed Program, “Serve, Share, Shine” strives to teach kids the importance of community service and letting their light shine through their unique talents. Being raised as a missionary kid, coupled with her strong Christian faith, has given Asia a heart of service and the passion to ignite transformation! Merging creativity and entrepreneurship, she started her business “Sweet Treats,” raising $1000 for missions!

Stephanie Skinner
Miss Teen New York

Stephanie Skinner is proudly raised by a military family and lives by the motto of service. She founded Hands of Hope, a national organization empowering 20,000 teens with the message of hope and self-acceptance. As a survivor of parental domestic violence, she shows that anyone can overcome adversity. In turn, she created a Children’s Book, Resource Collective, Girl Scout Patch, and partnerships with Girls Inc & YWCA to expand her impact. She has contributed over 800 hours of service to her community. As a student at the Wharton School of Business, she is passionate about creating spaces where diversity and inclusion thrive through her involvement in Wharton Women and Bridges to Wealth. She is not only a future CEO and family lawyer, but also a Mathlete, Collegiate Dancer, Marketing Chief of Penn Special Olympics, National Teen Summit Leader, and living proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Katie Setzer
Miss Teen North Carolina USA

Katie Setzer, 18, resides in Hickory, NC, and is currently a Sophomore at Catawba Valley Community College studying Cosmetology, with an ambition to become a 4th generation business owner and hair and makeup artist for the television and film industry. Katie has lettered in varsity cheerleading and danced competitively for over 16 years.  She is a past member of FCA & Juniorettes service clubs. She is most proud of creating a youth mentorship program at her local dance studio. Katie’s favorite pastimes include hiking the Blue Ridge Parkway trails, snorkeling in St. Kitts, and helping her Dad build her home’s outdoor deck. After having a life-threatening illness at the age of 5 weeks old, Katie now plans to use her experience to lead by example and with action by impacting others with her project: S.C.A.R. (Stories of Confidence and Resilience), encouraging others to find beauty in their own imperfections.

Morgan Schwindt
Miss Teen North Dakota

Morgan Schwindt is 19 years old. She grew up with a large, tight-knit family, which made it even more devastating to lose her father at just 10-years-old in a tragic snowmobile accident. With the loss of her father, Morgan’s mental health took a hit during her high school years as she struggled to cope with the loss. Overcoming these obstacles, combined with her love for helping others to find and have hope, grew her passion to help other young teens struggling with suicidal thoughts and mental health. She enjoys being outdoors at the lake going wake surfing, tubing, fishing, and much more. Morgan will also be obtaining her Estiticians License as she used the beauty industry as a passion to help herself as well as others to feel confident and beautiful within their own skin. She plans on attending North Dakota State University continuing her career in Business and Marketing.

Carolina Sola
Miss Teen Ohio USA

Carolina is a Senior at Gallia Academy and full time college credit plus student. She will graduate high school with her General Associate’s Degree – a head start to becoming a criminal justice attorney! Carolina is the captain of her majorette team, plays varsity soccer, is a high jumper for track and field, loves coaching youth soccer and works as a prom and pageant model!

Like many teens, bullying and Covid brought on difficulties with her mental health. After working through her challenges, she is now passionate about openly sharing her struggles, and is an Ambassador for the On Our Sleeves Organization to tackle the mental health crisis facing her generation. As the next Miss Teen USA, her goal is to continue her work while also inspiring young women to be positive and confident!

Carolina is a proud Filipino-American and grew up watching Miss Universe with her Filipino grandmother “Lola”!

Jaselyn Rossman
Miss Teen Oklahoma

Jaselyn Rossman is a student-athlete at Oklahoma State University. She’s an accounting major and member of the OSU Pom squad. She plans to use her degree to become the CEO of her own company, possibly an accounting firm, or beginning a fitness brand.

An accomplished dancer, Jaselyn is a 9-time state champion, a 3-time national champion, and made the All-State Dance Team. She also has impressive abilities on the court. This baller was a starting player on her 5A state Champion Basketball Team. In addition to sports, Jaselyn was Valedictorian, National Honors Society President, served many years as class president, and she was the recipient of the first ever “Chieftain Core Value Award.”

Jaselyn created her platform, “Get Up, and Move!” to inspire and encourage people of all ages to move their bodies in any way they enjoy. This helps everyone to improve their overall mental and physical health!

Isabella Ellsworth
Miss Teen Oregon USA

Isabella is an 18-year-old freshman at Gonzaga University pursuing a degree in Nursing. She has held several leadership positions in school including president of the Scrub Club, ASB officer, officer of the National Honor Society and a multi-year player on the varsity softball team. Passionate about giving back to the community, Isabella has logged hundreds of volunteer hours over the years. As a lifelong athlete she started her initiative Izzy’s Gear for Girls, collecting and donating softball equipment to teams and players in need. Isabella wants to remove barriers for our youth to participate in sports because of the foundational impact athletics plays in leadership and skill development. Her passion for sports has led her to become a Special Olympics softball coach and volunteer. Most recently, Isabella was honored to be named a 2023 Champion of the Year candidate for the Best Buddies International organization.

Maggie Ross
Miss Teen Pennsylvania

Maggie is a Marketing major in the Honors College at the University of Pittsburgh. She prides herself on her academics with a 4.2 High School graduating GPA and consecutive Dean’s List placements in college. She is also bilingual in Spanish, and has worked as a translator in Panama!

At Pitt, Maggie is a spin instructor whose ultimate passion is to inspire others to ENJOY breaking a sweat and to make fitness fun for everyone! As Miss Teen USA she wants to continue changing the narrative of wellness for young women – making it a celebration of our bodies and how fitness can positively impact our lives and elevate our minds!

Additionally, Maggie is an Americheer camp instructor empowering young women through teaching cheer camps and who won 5 state championship titles as the Varsity captain of her highschool cheer team!

Maggie’s personal pillars are positivity, inclusion and determination!

Lola Paolissi
Miss Teen Rhode Island USA

Lola Paolissi is a 16 year old, high school junior from Cranston, Rhode Island. Lola’s passion is dance; she has been dancing since she was 4 years old! The dance studio is her therapy and where she goes to escape when times get tough. Lola recently started her own free dance program for children in her community who do not have the means to take classes the conventional way.

About a year ago, her teammate, Izzy was diagnosed with leukemia. After Izzy’s diagnosis, Lola started to get involved in volunteer work for charities that helped bring a smile to Izzy during her treatments. One of the charities Lola fell in love with is called Glimmer of Hope Foundation. Working with this charity has given Lola’s life purpose.

When Lola graduates high school, she plans on attending the Juilliard School, and obtain a degree in dance and pursue a career on Broadway.

Kenlee McVay
Miss Teen South Carolina

Hello from South Carolina! Kenlee McVay is a sophomore at Clemson University, double majoring in Communications and Women’s Leadership. Her dream is to be on the sidelines interviewing some of the nation’s top athletes as a sports broadcaster.

In her spare time, she enjoys modeling, playing soccer with friends, and cheering on the Clemson Tigers with her friends and family. She also loves to give back to Safe Harbor, which is an organization that supports citizens of South Carolina who are experiencing domestic violence. She is passionate about supporting this cause because South Carolina has one of the highest rates of domestic violence cases in our nation.

From the state of mountains, lakes, beaches, and the best barbecue, she is proud to call the state of South Carolina her home.

Lindsey Pfingston
Miss Teen South Dakota USA

Lindsey Pfingston is a graduate of Stevens High School in Rapid City, South Dakota. Lindsey won a state title this year in tennis for her high school. She loves to lift weights, as going to the gym is like therapy for her. She has two dogs, Chico and Charlotte, whom she adores.

Lindsey also loves the outdoors and going on hikes with her pets and family. She has a sister who is a model in Dubai and hopes to follow in her footsteps. She also has an interest in becoming a luxury real estate agent.

Lindsey loves to help her friends when they are in need of emotional support. She was first runner-up the previous two years prior to winning the title this year. Lindsey’s never-give-up attitude and perseverance are what she hopes to convey to young women across the country and help them to attain their goals.

Blye Allen
Miss Teen Tennessee

Blye is a 17-year-old honor student and has her sights set on a career in medicine. She is currently a member of the National Academy of Future Physicians and was a delegate at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders 2023. Next summer, she will be completing a medical internship with Future Docs Abroad in Hue, Vietnam.

Blye served as a Knox County Rescue Cadet for one year. She supports multiple children’s literacy initiatives and has become involved with the Best Buddies Program.

Blye has a passion for the arts and loves performing. She was a vocalist in a teen country band and is working on solo recordings with a local producer. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, working-out, modeling, acting, and cheer.

Blye’s mission is to help young women embrace their uniqueness, empower them to Dream Big, and help them find the confidence they need to achieve their goals.

Haylee Puckett
Miss Teen Texas USA

Meet 17 year old Haylee Puckett, she was once a shy girl who struggled with self-doubt. However, through the power of a positive mindset, she blossomed into a confident teen, aiming to empower others to embrace their own uniqueness.

Haylee is a published author of an inspiring and impactful self-love journal that impacts Gen Z nationwide. She plans to attend Texas A&M University, aspiring to pursue dual degrees in Marketing and Communications, with the ultimate goal of owning a successful real estate brokerage firm.

As a UCA All-American Cheerleader, Student Council Vice President, and National English Honor Society member, Haylee exemplifies leadership and determination. She’s well accomplished and a fashion fanatic, but remains down to earth by finding joy in the simple things such as, fishing with her dad, thrifting, baking, and vision boarding.

Haylee’s story is one of empowerment, passion, and unwavering determination. She has a promising future with dreams of gracing the cover of Vogue magazine.

Jocelyn Osmond
Miss Teen Utah

Jocelyn Osmond’s last name might be the first thing people notice, but it won’t be the last.

As host of the KSL teen talk show, Jocelyn energetically interviews guests who inspire and uplift teens. Jocelyn’s ambition and positivity are off the charts, but as a mental health advocate her focus is on helping all teens feel seen and heard.

Her love of people and their stories are driving her career ambitions in broadcast journalism, and she’s already a decorated communicator with a first place win at Utah’s state speech and debate competition. Jocelyn was also named one of Utah’s “Fab 40” for being ahead of her time as a show host and thought leader.

Her peers have dubbed her “most likely to be President of the United States,” and she believes true leaders know how to listen and serve, which is why she authored the book, “I Hear You.”

Nadja Dacres
Miss Teen Vermont USA

Nadja Dacres, Miss Vermont Teen USA 2023, is an energetic and confident 17 year old. She has lived in Vermont her entire life and loves the state for its natural beauty. Nadja is currently a senior in high school and aspires to go to college for environmental science, minoring in sustainability. Her platform, Earthday Everyday, was founded in 2020 out of her passion for a cleaning community. Through her platform she has gained 60+ hours of community service through hosting community clean ups and recycle events. Aside from her advocacy for the earth, in her free time she also enjoys doing hair and makeup, hitting the gym, and playing with her puppy.

Ashley Wang
Miss Teen Virginia

Ashley Wang is a high school junior aiming to study biochemistry and become a cosmetic chemist. She hopes she can combine her love for chemistry and beauty to create products that will help people feel confident in their own skin.

Ashley is also on two nationally ranked dance teams, and has been dancing since she was five.

Ashley helps manage her school’s tutoring organization, where she has received training to tutor AVID, ESOL, Honors, and AP-level courses. As a 4.6 GPA student, she’s realized that asking for help is for everyone, and she is working to break the stigma around tutoring.

Most of all, Ashley hopes that she can be a genuine role model. Her favorite phrase will always be, progression over perfection!

Mackenzie Kuiken
Miss Teen Washington USA

Mackenzie Kuiken is a four sport athlete who has been inducted into the National Honor Society. She participates in several clubs and holds leadership positions in Key Club and National Honor Society. She has received leadership awards through her high school, LEAP Week and NCA Cheerleadership Camp. Mackenzie is a Running Start student and will graduate with her high school diploma and an Associate in Arts Degree. She will be obtaining a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. Mackenzie enjoys community service and she started Girls With Game to provide sports equipment, clinics, and providing help with fees for girls so they could play sports. Girls With Game has developed into encouraging girls to join sports, the arts, and/or clubs for their physical and mental health. Mackenzie loves Washington state because of the diversity of the land. Washington has oceans, beaches, rainforests, volcanoes, abundant farmland, small towns and big cities.

Lakyn Campbell
Miss Teen West Virginia

Representing West Virginia, Lakyn Campbell is an 18-year-old first-year student at the West Virginia University Honors College majoring in journalism with a minor in pre-law. She was the valedictorian of her high school with a graduating class of over 400 and a GPA of 4.6. Lakyn is a model in New York Fashion Week, a two-time state tennis placer, and elected Governor of the American Legion Auxiliary West Virginia Rhododendron Girls State. A President’s Volunteer Service Award Recipient with over 100 hours of community service each year, Lakyn promotes literacy by running book drives for the West Virginia Children’s Home Society and launched a campaign to fight period poverty and promote hygiene by collecting feminine products for various organizations and schools. Her mission is to be a role model for the youth, while representing the great Mountain State!

Shelby Hohneke
Miss Teen Wisconsin USA

Shelby Hohneke is a born and raised Wisconsinite with a passion for helping others and inspiring authenticity. She is a currently pursuing her real estate licenses and a freelance model who has recently appeared on a best-selling book cover. Shelby enjoys weight training, cliff jumping and scuba diving, dancing, and taking self-care days. Active in the community, Shelby is the founder of Just Us Girls mentorship program and an advocate for the special needs community through Darby’s Dancers, Special Olympics, and Best Buddies.

Victoria Salas
Miss Teen Wyoming

Her name is Victoria Salas, she is the Miss Wyoming Teen USA 2023. She is a 19-year-old who recently graduated from Evanston High School in the spring. She loves assisting 2nd graders with their reading and math skills to help them succeed throughout the year. Being a Wyoming girl, she loves spending her time doing outdoor activities. She plans to get licensed as an esthetician soon. After she gets licensed she wants to create her own business and help many women feel beautiful. Every Christmas Victoria loves to be part of the Samaritan’s Purse. The project she focuses on is Operation Christmas Child and helps to send many packages to kids! Victoria loves to be fit, either that’s a hike in the mountains or having a gym session at her local fitness center. Victoria loves to travel. She has traveled to most of the states but plans to travel to many countries soon!